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Waffle House, fully known as Waffle House, Inc., is an American chain of restaurants, which serves customers in 25 American states. The majority of waffle house locations (and there are more than 2,100 of them) are located in the south of the country, and this company has become almost an icon of the southern states. On this Waffle House Near Me page, you will get an opportunity to locate the closest Waffle House restaurant within seconds, as well as obtain useful information about this company (such as menu and working hours of the restaurants) and coupons.

The history of this company can be traced back to 1955, when the first Waffle House restaurant was opened in Georgia’s Avondale Estates on the Labor Day. The founders of Waffle House were Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers  Sr., whereas the latter previously worked in the restaurant business on the position of a regional manager. His idea was to make a combination of the around-the-clock working hours and the speed of fast-food restaurants. As he told to Forkner then, “You’ll make a restaurant and I will show you how to operate it.”


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The idea to name the company Waffle House came from Forkner, who decided to pick waffles – as they were the most profitable among the other 15 items on the menu – for the restaurant’s name. However, they also faced certain difficulties before Waffle House gained in popularity – the name “waffle” could deceive customers and they would think that Waffle House restaurants offer only breakfasts.

The company started selling franchises in 1960, when it opened only the fourth restaurant of the chain. By the end of the 1960s, the number of Waffle House restaurants amounted to 27. The focus area of the company is, indeed, the southern east of the country, yet Waffle House is available even in such states like Pennsylvania in the east, Arizona in the west, and Ohio to the north. For decades, Waffle House was available in Indiana under the “Waffle & Steak” brand, as the rights on the “Waffle House” in the Indiana state belonged to another company.

Waffle House Location Near Me

Waffle House can boast to have more than 2,100 restaurants in the United States. However, this chain of restaurants is present only in 25 American states. The states where you can find Waffle House restaurants include (from the highest number of restaurants to the lowest): Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Indiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kansas,  West Virginia, Delaware, Illinois, and New Mexico. This company’s headquarters is located in Avondale Estates, Georgia.

This section of our Waffle House Near Me page will help you to locate Waffle House restaurants around your location. In order to find the closest Waffle House restaurant, we recommend you to use this map:

In order to use this map with ease and convenience, you should give access to your present location to the Google Maps application. Once you have done it, you will get to see the location displayed right on the map published above. There will also be numerous red marks, each of which signifies Waffle House restaurant located nearby. You can get to know more information about a particular restaurant by giving a click to the red mark of it. If you wish to create a route from your present location to that restaurant, just click on the “Directions” button in a small window.

Waffle House Opening Hours

If you were attentive enough when reading the information before, you could notice what was the main concept of Waffle House. So if you are questioning what are the working hours of Waffle House restaurants, the answer appears to be fairly simple: 24/7. Indeed, every Waffle House provides around-the-clock availability and this appears to be a non-changeable condition for franchisers. So, every Waffle House restaurant works all the day and night long and this is something that makes this chain so much valued by the customers.

Waffle House Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

Waffle House restaurants offer pretty cozy places to stay at and dine in, yet you are also able to take advantage of Waffle House coupons. This would allow you to save a great deal of your money when visiting Waffle House restaurants, and, moreover, there is nothing difficult or anything that requires much of your effort. In this section of our Waffle House Near Me page, we will provide you with the sources where you can find coupons for Waffle House (and they also get regularly updated there!).

So, we suggest you to look for Waffle  House coupons here:

Waffle House Menu

The Waffle House menu is not that large and comprises actually two types of menu: Breakfast Favorites and Lunch/Dinner Favorites. The Breakfast Favorites menu contains waffles, hashbrowns, five types of breakfasts (Texas bacon egg, sausage egg, steak N eggs, cheese N eggs, and 2 eggs breakfast), and sides (sausages, bacon, country ham, city ham, and biscuits). Also, the menu features kids’ meals and the most popular types of soft drinks.

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In regards to the Lunch/Dinner Favorites menu, it also includes a variety of hashbrows, several sandwiches, four types of burgers (hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, and bacon cheeseburger), and three types of Texas melts. Also, Grilled Chicken Salad and Garden Salad are available as well. Concerning drinks, the following ones are available for order: hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, chocolate milk, ice cold milk, orange juice, lemonade, Alice’s iced tea-lemonade, Alice’s iced tea, and soft drinks.

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