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Find Subway near me will help you to find tons of useful info about your favourite restaurant. You definitely know about Subway, but what you might not know about this brand are the numbers. When we’re talking about Subway, we’re talking about big, maybe huge numbers. From the statistics of 2016, Subway is considered the largest single-brand chain of restaurants in the world, being present in 112.

subway near me


Having locations in over 100 countries says a lot about how big this brand became in the last years. Subway is an American fast food franchise restaurant oriented to sandwiches and salads menus. There are around 44,800 Subway restaurants around the world, but the largest number of locations in the world are in the United States, where you can find over 26,000.

Their specialized menu attracts their customers, but there are some variations when it comes to different regions or countries. Most of the Subways locations around the world include sandwiches, salads, menus for kids but also drinks and desserts. If you want to check the whole menu of the Subway you can go to their official website and click on the “Menu & Nutrition” Button, or access this link.

It’s very interesting to watch the growth of this company, because they had a big success in a short period of time, and, in 2010 they became the largest fast food chain of restaurants in the world, taking the first place in the top by surpassing McDonald’s with 1,012 locations.

Subway was also ranked the second Fastest growing franchise in the world in 2012, this title being another proof that the brand was very successful in the last decade, and it is still growing by opening new locations every year.

An interesting thing about the Subway menu is that they introduced gluten-free bread and brownies in some locations. This is something that could bring more customers because there are not many restaurants that offer a special menu for the people who can’t have gluten. Cutting the salt from the sandwiches with 15% is another amazing thing they did, making another step to a healthier lifestyle for their customers.

We said in the beginning that when we’re talking about Subway, we’re talking about big numbers and it is the exact same situations with the marketing and advertising campaigns of the company. In 2011 Subway was considered the second biggest fast food advertiser from the United States, spending more than $500,000,000, the fist place being occupied by McDonalds.

One of the important things from their advertising campaigns is the “Eat fresh” slogan, but also bring to the surface how their sandwiches are made is another plus for the company. Making the sandwiches in front of the customers and showing to the clients that all the ingredients are fresh and healthy seems to be a very important thing for the Subway public.

Subway Near Me Locations

With this map, you will be able to find the nearest Subway in your city. If you are not able to find any Subway on this map, keep reading and we will provide another options.


Even if they have over 40,000 locations around the world, sometimes might be hard to find a Subway near me location. If you want to find Subway locations, you should know that you can do it very easy, using your mobile phone or your laptop or desktop. It takes less than a minute, and you’ll be able to find a Subway restaurant from anywhere you want.

Go to the Subway official website and look for the “Locations” button. Click that button, and you will be redirected to a new web page where you’ll see a search bar on the top part of the web page, exactly under the menu, while on the rest of the web page will appear a map.


In the search bar enter the desired location, the city and the state, or even the Zip Code and hit the enter button or click on Search. On the map below the search bar, you’ll see all the Subway Locations from the selected area, represented on the map.

If you’ll scroll down, under the map you’ll be able to see a list with all the Subway restaurants that are nearby the entered address. An important thing that many people don’t know is that if you want the best results, the most accurate results, you should enter the Zip Code. Doing this you’ll make sure that you’ll get just the restaurants that are very close to your area.

Subway Near Me Hours

It’s clear that now you know how to find a Subway Location, but what happens when you don’t know their schedule. Definitely, you could go and check it at the restaurant, but this isn’t the best option. Don’t worry because we’ll show you how you can find the Subway Hous with the smallest effort from you.

Finding a Subway Location is easy, and it is the exact same thing with their hours. Following the same steps, you’ll be able to find the schedule for a Subway restaurant.

Go to their official website accessing this link or searching for “Subway” on Google. Go to locations, look for the closest Subway restaurant to you by entering the Zip Code, and identify the restaurant you’re interested in from the list below the map.

If you did that, we can say that it’s done because near every Subway near me locations are the hours of operations. That’s all, now you know how to find the Subway Hours and you can go have the breakfast, lunch or the dinner without worrying that they might be closed.

Subway Near Me Coupons

Most of the Subway Coupons can be considered the promotions that each Subway locations offers every day as the “Sub of the Day” menu. This menu is usually a sandwich that has a lower price than normal, and most of the customers get it for less money that they would normally pay.

There are Subway restaurants that offers coupons for their clients, coupons that can be used to get a discount for a meal or other similar things that are meant to help the customers save some money while they are eating a healthy sandwich. This is something that many Subway customers like about the company, and that’s the reason why they are loyal to the Subway brand.

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