Find Sears near me will help you to find tons of useful info about your favourite store. Founded 130 years ago, in 1886, by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck, Sears is an American Brand with a relatively large number of stores that build together a chain of department stores. During the time, there were a lot of things that have been changed but the brand is still known and popular nowadays.

Sears Near Me


If you’re wondering what department stores mean, you should know that it refers to a store that offers a wide variety of products from different fields or domains. It means that they sell almost everything: from appliances and auto accessories to fitness, shoes and outdoor products that help you maintain your garden.

Sears started as a mail order company, and firstly they were selling watches. After that, they started to diversify and they included other products on their catalog, things like bicycles, sporting goods or automobiles. The hard times brought big changes in the company, but they were solved and, one of the most important things in the history of Sears is their first Christmas catalog named “Sears Wishbook”. It happened in 1933 and the catalog contained different toys and gifts that attracted a lot of new customers.

Initially, the mail order market targeted the rural areas of United States, but it wasn’t the best fit for the company policy because it had a slow growth, so they switched to the urban areas, with retail stores and diversification. They opened retail stores far away from the big shopping centers, creating store departments that were able to fit both, men and women needs.

As you probably expected, most of the American Brands expanded to Europe, but it is not the same thing with Sears. They operate just in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Sears Near Me Locations

With this map, you will be able to find the nearest Sears in your city. If you are not able to find any Sears on this map, keep reading and we will provide another options.


Currently, Sears runs a number of 709 locations, as we said, in the United States, Mexico, and Canada offering a wide variety of products like jewelry, beauty products, appliances, housewares, tools, clothing, furniture, electronic devices and many other products.

If you’re looking to find some Sears Locations you’re probably curious how you could do that as fast as possible. The fastest way is to click on this link and a new window will be opened in your browser. The new web page that you just opened is the Sears official web page with the store locations.

On the top part of the page, you’ll see some fields that will help you find the closest Sears near me Location to you. You can select to find a store within a certain distance, from 10 miles to more than 100 miles. Selecting 10 miles you’ll find the Sears Locations from a smaller area.

In the next three fields, you’ll be able to enter the Zip Code, or the City and the State. If you want to get very precisely results you should enter the Zip Code and the State. This way you’ll make sure that you’ll get the best results from your search, but if you don’t know the Zip Code of a certain location there’s no problem.

You can enter the City, select the State and then hit the “Search” Button. In less than a second, the results will be shown and you’ll be able to see all the Sears Locations that are close to the City that you just entered.

If you want to search for specific results, you can see a list of features under the Zip Code and City search boxes: Sears Stores, Hardware Stores, Hometown Dealers, Sears Auto Centers and others. If you want to find a specific store, before clicking on the Search button you can select one or more of the stores that you’re interested in. This way you will get just the results that contain the selected criteria.

After the search boxes for the Zip Code and the City, you will see a list with all the States in the US. If you will click one of them you’ll see a list with all the Sears Locations in that state. You will be able to see also the complete address of the stores and their phone number.

Sears Near Me Opening Hours

It’s good that now you know how to locate a Sears near me Store, but it is also very important to know the Opening Hours and when they close because you don’t want to go there after they closed.

If you want to find the Sears Opening Hours for a store located nearby, you should follow the steps from the Sears Location description to find the store. After you found the store, you’ll see a blue point on the map: this is the sign the shows you where the Sears Store is located on the map. If you will click on that blue point you’ll see on the left side of the screen the full address of the Store, the phone number, and, very important, the Opening and the Closing Hours.

Take care because usually, the schedule is different during the weekends: they usually close earlier than normal.

If you don’t know how to go to the Sears Store that you just founded on the map, you can click on the blue dot on the map, and you’ll be able to click on “Get directions”. A Google Maps web page will be opened and you’ll have to enter your current location and then hit Enter. You’ll see the route from your current location to the Sears Store Location which will help you go there faster than you ever imagined.

Sears Outlet

Sears Outlet is one of the totals of four store formats with locations in many cities from the US. They commercialize sporting goods, tools, appliances or garden equipment. Sears Outlets offers in-store access for products that are used, overstocked, reconditioned or scratched but normally offering a discount from the normal price.

Usually, the discount in the Sears Outlet store varies from 20 percent to 60 percent or even more, depending on the condition of the product. The statistics from 2014 show that there are over 143 Sears Outlet stores, and most of the sales income of the company came from home appliances.

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