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Redbox, fully known as Redbox Automated Retail, LLC., is an American enterprise that provides services of video game, Blu-ray, and DVD discs through automated kiosks. It is actually very easy to distinguish Redbox kiosks, since they are typically fully colored in red. One may find Redbox kiosks in pharmacies, retailers, groceries, fast-food restaurants, and convenience stores. On this RedBox Near Me page, you will be able to find the closest Redbox near you, get to know its working hours, and obtain coupons for better deals. Enjoy!

Initially, Gregg Kaplan founded this company in 2002 and received funding for that purpose from McDonald’s. The company’s kiosks sold a large number of products at first and were called Ticktok Easy Shops. Nevertheless, McDonald’s stopped using those kiosks for selling the corporation’s products in 2003, which prompted the CEO to change the focus of its company. Instead of selling a large number of products, he decided to focus on DVD rentals. At first, the prices of DVDs varied, yet later the company’s founder adopted the “one dollar per DVD rental” price model.


Once Redbox kiosks started to rent DVD discs, they significantly disrupted the market and have gained in popularity very quickly. The reason for that was the convenience of renting DVD discs at Redbox – the company utilized the policy of “return anywhere.” That means that once you have rented a DVD disc from Redbox, you are able to return it to any Redbox kiosk – not just the one you have rented the DVD from.

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In the period between 2005 and 2009, Coinstar obtained the full control over Redbox. Moreover, the company decided to take advantage of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and placed many Redbox kiosks in supermarkets and shopping malls that had been closing one after one, thus getting access to the wider consumer base. In 2010, Redbox announced its decision to start renting Blu-ray discs in all its kiosks across the United States as well. In the same year, the company started testing rentals of video games. That idea proved to be a good one and Redbox launched the service of game rentals nationwide in 2011. In 2016, Redbox started offering games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

At the present time, Redbox remains the largest seller of physical media rentals market, strongly beating Netflix and Blockbuster, its main competitors. In 2016, the company, along with other companies that belonged to its parent company Coinstar, was bought out by Apollo Global Management. Now, Redbox can boast to be present in more than 34,000 locations across the United States with over 42,000 kiosks. Find out how to find Redbox kiosks nearby by viewing the map at this Redbox Near Me page below.

Redbox Near Me: How to Use Redbox Kiosks

It appears to be fairly easy and incredibly convenient to use Redbox kiosks – it is something that has helped the company to become dominant in this market. First of all, you can easily recognize Redbox kiosks by red design and the distinctive logo “redbox” at the top of the kiosks. The kiosks are usually located in grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, and supermarkets.

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Every kiosk features interactive touch screens and usually contains around 600-700 DVDs or other discs (Blu-ray or video games) with over 200 titles available – the titles and DVDs are updated on the weekly basis. In order to use a Redbox kiosk, you need to insert a debit or credit card and choose the disc. Once you have obtained the disc, you will be charged for its using on the daily basis. The sooner you will return the disc, the less money you will have to pay. You can return the disc to any Redbox kiosk. The commission for using the disc will be charged every day from your credit/debit card. 25 days after you started to rent a disc, you will become the owner of it unless you have returned it.

Redbox Location Near Me

Redbox kiosks can be found only in the United States, whereas this company serves clients in more than 32,000 locations and placed over 42,000 kiosks. In this part of our RedBox Near Me page, you will be able to find the closest Redbox kiosk near you.

In order to find Redbox kiosk nearby, you should utilize this map:

Using that map is very simple. You need to provide access to your current location to the app of Google Maps. After doing so, you will get to see the current location of yours to be displayed on the map. There will also be red signs, each of which is dedicated to a specific Redbox kiosk. If you need to get to know information about a certain kiosk or a build a route to that kiosk, just click on that red sign.

Redbox Opening Hours

When it comes to the working hours of Redbox, it is obvious that the kiosk work 24/7. Depending on the place where Redbox kiosks are located, however, access to them may be limited. If a shopping mall works until 11:00 P.M., for example, it is obvious that you can’t access a Redbox kiosk located within it anytime later.

Redbox Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

There are numerous ways to save your money when renting DVDs, video games, or Blu-ray discs at Redbox kiosks. One of such ways is utilizing Redbox coupons. At this point of our Redbox Near Me page, we have collected several websites that contain coupons for this company. So, the websites are the following ones:

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