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IHOP, the full name of which is the International House of Pancakes, is an American global chain of family restaurants that serve pancakes and breakfast foods. The company belongs to DineEquity, though more than 99 percent of the restaurants are operated by franchisees. IHOP is well-known and favored among customers thanks to its policy of many its restaurants working 24/7 – some restaurants, despite not being open 24/7, work long hours on weekends, and this is something that makes this chain stand out. This IHOP Near Me page allows you to find the locations of the IHOP restaurants situated close to you, get to know about their work hours, obtain some coupons that will give you decent discounts, and learn about the chain’s menu.

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The first IHOP restaurant was opened in 1958 at Riverside Drive, Burbank district, CA, by Albert Kallis, Al Lapin, and Jerry Lapin. The restaurant was called “International House of Pancakes” even at that time of the first restaurant’s opening, so it shouldn’t surprise you how the company sticks to its brand. In 1973, however, the management of this restaurant chain used the stylized “IHOP” abbreviation for the first time – presumably, for the marketing purposes. Since then, it has gained popularity and became usually referred to in that way.

In the 1980s, the restaurant chain has substantially expanded its menu in an attempt to reach more customers. Apart from breakfast menus, then, the management included standard lunch and dinner dishes that can be found in other restaurants. And that seemed to pay off, as the number of customers and the chain’s locations grew. At the present time, there are more than 1,650 of IHOP restaurant locations. The company is headquartered in Glendale, California.

A particular case about IHOP was its takeover of Applebee’s, a popular grill & bar restaurant. Then, IHOP agreed to pay $2.1 billion for Applebee’s, given the estimate of $25.50 per share. At that time, Applebee’s had over 1,943 restaurants around the world. After the buyout took place successfully in 2007, IHOP renamed its parent company into the above mentioned DineEquity. Therefore, DineEquity operates two chains of restaurants nowadays: Applebee’s and IHOP.

IHOP Location Near Me

When one thinks about the locations of IHOP, it should be clear that nowadays the word “International” in the restaurant’s name proves to be true. There are more than 1,650 IHOP restaurants scattered in the United States, the Philippines, and three Middle Eastern countries: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. IHOP restaurants can also be found in any American state.

If you wish to find IHOP near me and get the information about closest locations of IHOP restaurants, make use of this map below:

IHOP Opening Hours

As it was pointed out above, IHOP restaurants are valued by customers thanks to their 24/7 work hours. If you are seeing an IHOP restaurant, the chances are that it works exactly 24/7. There are, however, exceptions, and certain IHOP restaurants are not open 24/7, yet they open till late night on weekdays and weekends.

IHOP Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

IHOP restaurants are quite a nice place to drop in and have a delicious breakfast or a cup of flavored coffee. Yet, the chances are that you may like this chain of restaurants even more for the abundance of promotions and deals, and you can take advantage of those deals right now! Below, you can see a list of websites where you can find coupons for IHOP. All you need is to access this page from time to time and check those websites for new coupons, which may be quite beneficial for you. So, don’t hesitate and check the coupons out there right now:


IHOP is a chain of restaurants that can boast to offer a great selection of dishes to its clients. The menu section the clients love the most is, perhaps, “IHOP Signature Favorites,” which includes original buttermilk pancakes, rooty tooty fresh ‘N fruity pancakes, philly cheese steak stacker, T-bone steak & eggs, breakfast sampler, and big steak omelette. You can also order and create your own dish by choosing “Create Your Best Combo Pancakes” or “Create Your Own Rooty Jr.”

Considering that the primary idea of IHOP was serving breakfasts to its clients, there are many types of omelettes you can find in the menu, namely: cheeseburger omelette, egg white vegetable omelette, chicken fajita omelette, garden omelette, Colorado omelette, spinach & mushroom omelette, bacon temptation omelette, country omelette, and big steak omelette. You can supplement your omelette with sandwiches (double BLT, ham & egg melt, philly cheese steak stacker, spicy chicken randy sandwich, roasted turkey sandwich, and grilled chicken, ranch & avocado club) or burgers (Denver omelette burger, cheeseburger, hamburger, bacon cheeseburger, mega monster cheeseburger, cheeseburger sliders, and patty melt).

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However, this restaurant chain has also something to offer to those clients who prefer salads or soups. In particular, the following soups are the most popular among the clients: minestrone, loaded country potato with bacon, and roasted chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately, there are only two salads served to the clients, namely the house salad and the chicken cobb salad. Of course, there are also many appetizers, snacks, treats, and desserts in the menu.

Special menus of the restaurant chain include Kids’ Menus and the menu known as “55+” (for example, “55+ French Toast”). In regards to beverages, there are apple and orange juices, fountain drinks (free refills are provided), lemonade (also free refills), iced coffee (free refills), lemonade iced tea (free refills), iced tea (free refills), milk, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, sweet tea (free refills), and premium loose-leaf hot tea (also free refills).

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