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Find H&M near me will help you to find tons of useful info about your favourite store. H&M actually comes from Hennes and Mauritz AB and is a multinational clothing company based in Sweden. The history of H&M started in 1947, which means that it is a company with a lot history behind all the products that they still sell today and they used to sell more than 60 years ago.

H&M Near Me


This company is worldwide known for the fast-fashion clothing products for women, men, teenagers and even children, and being present in over 60 countries around the globe (more precisely, 62 countries), H&M occupies the second position when it comes to the largest clothing retailers around the world. The first position belongs to the Spanish group Inditex.

Erling Persson is the founder of the H&M Company, and the business idea was to offer fashionable and high-quality clothes at affordable prices. In the beginning, when the first shop was opened, they were offering clothes just for women, but after just a year, in 1948 they included also the men clothing collection, which leads to a first growth of the company.

H&M Store Near Me Locations

With this map, you will be able to find the nearest H&M in your city. If you are not able to find any H&M on this map, keep reading and we will provide another options.


As we already said, H&M clothing shops are present all over the globe, in 62 countries, which make this brand worldwide known through the products they offer to their clients: it doesn’t matter if they are women, men, teens or kids, Europeans, Americans, Asiatics, Africans, or people from Oceania.

Yes, it is true, H&M stores in 2016 are extended over all the above continents, and the expansion will continue also in 2017. New shops are scheduled to be opened in Iceland, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Argentina in 2017, which means that the H&M brand becomes more and more popular every year.

The biggest number of H&M Locations around the globe is in Europe, followed by Asia and then Americas. The numbers show that United States has the most H&M shops from Americas, and Germany has the most H&M near me locations from Europe, 421 more precisely.

H&M started in Europe in 1947, but the big expansion was made in 2000 when was open the first store outside of Europe, in the United States. Now H&M owns more than 450 stores in United states.

H&M Near Me Opening Hours

It is clear that the location of an H&M store is important for every customer, because everybody wants to find the closest location nearby, but also the Opening Hours are important. Most of the H&M stores open at 10 AM, and they close at 10 PM, but depending on your location, some stores might have a different schedule.

If you want to find the exact schedule for an H&M store in your area, you can simply go to the store and check the schedule or you can look on the internet to see when they open and when they close. The easiest way to check the H&M Opening Hours is to go to their official website, and then hit the “Store Locator” Button.

h&m near me

The next step in finding the H&M near me Opening Hours for a certain shop is to find the exact store that you need. To do this, you’ll have to select the country and then the city. Because some cities have more than one H&M store, you’ll see the list with all the stores in your area. Click on one of them, and you’ll see their exact schedule. It’s very simple and you can access it using your mobile phone, your tablet or your PC.

H&M Order Online

You probably know that the e-commerce is very popular nowadays, and being online present is very important because you can promote your products and services much easier. H&M online shop offers you the possibility to buy your favorite clothes with just a few mouse clicks.

It’s good to know that the H&M online shops are available for 32 countries, and it offers you all the products that you would normally find in a real store. You’ll be able to select the products that you like the most, their color and also the size. When it comes to the size, some people might be skeptical but using the Size guide you’ll be able to pick the best clothes for yourself.

H&M Online shop offers you the chance to buy the products you like without wasting your time because you won’t have to go to the store, to spend time in traffic or to wait to pay for your clothes. Everything you have to do is to add to the bag the clothes you like and to pay using your credit or debit card. In a few days, usually 1 or 2, you’ll receive all the products at the office or at home.

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