deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota

Deaf Friendly Businesses in Minnesota

In the modern-day world, it is necessary for every business to provide the top-notch level of service to every customer, and especially it stands for the sensitive categories of customers. Providing a decent quality of service to deaf customers or customers with hard hearing is something that is not that easy to do, yet socially responsible businesses bear all the expenses and make additional efforts in order to be deaf friendly. This article will disclose what does it mean to be a deaf friendly business, as well as you will get to know more information about deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota.

What Does It Mean to Be a Deaf Friendly Business?

During the recent time, some businesses in Minnesota received the “Certified Deaf Friendly” business trademark. This means that a business with such a trademark has qualified for it and provided certain conditions, making the service of the company so that it would match the needs of deaf or close to deaf customers. Being a deaf friendly business, however, means not solely trying to adapt the business processes to the needs of all customers, but sticking to certain standards. Here you have got the conditions that have to be met in order to allow a business to receive a “Certified Dear Friendly” trademark:


  1. A company should promise that any issues or complaints in regards to its products and services will be communicated to their deaf customers via the Sign Language.
  2. A company pledges to treat all its customers with equal goodwill and respect. That means that all the deaf customers – equally as all other customers who don’t experience problems with hearing – will feel good and well served at the deaf friendly business places, avoiding such unpleasant situations like being ignored, being forced by a waiter to point to the menu items, being unable to order meals without bringing a hearing person, and so on.
  3. A company pledges to communicate with their deaf or close to deaf clients via the Sign Language, which can be done via one of the following ways: employing workers who know the Sign Language, utilizing Revolution Language Sign kiosks, or taking advantage of the LP Connect mobile VRI. All of these ways allow the companies

How to Treat Deaf Customers If Your Business Is Not Deaf Friendly Yet

If you are working on an enterprise in Minnesota that has not applied any measures to help the deaf people experience the same quality of service as other clients yet, you can start changing it on your own, right from your working place. The tips, provided in this section of our article, will also stand in good stead for the owners of small business, who can follow the recommendations and make their businesses more deaf friendly:

  1. Lip-reading still works. If you have faced a situation when you have to deal with a deaf client and you don’t know how to do it, the first thing you should try out (if your enterprise hasn’t provided you with other instructions) is speaking with gestures, slow and exact pronouncing of words. The researches showed that a vast majority of deaf people know how to read lips, if the interlocutors talk in a slow way and pronounce the words well. Yet, the researches have also shown that this way cannot be the only one to communicate with deaf customers and may be only a supplementary method.
  2. Get to use pen along with paper. This 1000-year old technology wouldn’t let you down. If you need to communicate with a client on a vast variety of issues and you don’t have a person who knows the Sign Language, try to make comfortable paper forms and discuss all important issues this way.
  3. Hire a person who knows the Sign Language. Once you have stepped on the path of a deaf friendly business, the easiest way would be, perhaps, to hire a person who knows how to communicate in the Sign Language.
  4. Utilize the modern-day technologies. With the present-day development of the IT industry, it becomes less difficult and resource-requiring to provide a decent service to everyone. For instance, the teletypewriters that are often recommended for making a business dear friendly are rarely utilized by the deaf people at all. In regards to the technologies, hotel owners may adopt the technology of Videophones and TTY throughout the hotel. Owners of theaters and cinemas may provide their deaf customers with the Rear Window captioning, which allows the customers to see movie captions in a way suitable for the comfortable watching. After all, owners of apartments and lodges can mount the systems with blinking strobe lights, which would notify their deaf customers about the fire alarm.

What Are Deaf Friendly Businesses in Minnesota

Unfortunately, there are not so many deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota, yet there are quite a few companies that have adopted the deaf friendly technologies and practices on their enterprises. This section of our article will give you a list of deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota, which comes along with the descriptions, contacts, and images. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with hearing, you know where to go in Minnesota. So, the list of the deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota includes:

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AmericInn Hotel & Conference Center (Mankato). A luxury hotel and conference center is located in the town of Mankato and adopted amenities and technologies that help to serve the deaf people, including such technologies like TTY, Videophones, and the systems with blinking strobe lights. Other amenities at the hotel include access to its business center, ATMs, fitness center, guest laundry, in-door pool, whirlpool, conference center, free Wi-Fi across the hotel and free newspapers. Check-in at the hotel takes place from 15:00, while check-out must be done until 11:00. Payments available in cash and credit cards. This hotel appears to be one of most deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota.

Address: 240 Stadium Road, Mankato, MN 56001.

Contact: (507) 345-8011,, website.


KC’s Saloon (Pillager). KC’s Saloon is a casual fast food restaurant located in the city of Pillager, where you can order tasty meals after talking with the restaurant’s friendly employees in the Sign Language. But when it comes to the quality and taste of the meals, the restaurant does not get any worse either. Its menu contains a variety of appetizers (including tacos, chips, fries, and nachos), almost a dozen of different burgers, 6 various sandwiches, 4 types of full dinners, a couple of salads, and a soup. Also, don’t forget about the restaurant’s specialty – the famous Jumbo Wings! Moreover, the restaurant is open every day from 11:00 A.M. until 1:00 A.M. (until midnight on Sundays, though).

Address: 116 Cedar Ave, Pillager, MN 56473.

Contact: 218-746-3328, website.


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George & the Dragon Pub (Minneapolis). The George & the Dragon Pub is more than just a place for drinking beer. This bar can also boast to provide high-quality service to its customers (including the translation into the Sign Language) and delicious dishes. When it comes to the issue of drinks at this pub, there are 12 variations of wine and the equal number of sorts of beer, 6 different bombers, and 12 sorts of cider and beer in cans. Also, the restaurant can boast a really rich menu with lots of delicious meals, including 10 appetizers, 10 sandwiches, 10 main dinner dishes, as well as variations of brunches and the king dish Sunday Roast.

Address: 813 West 50th St., Minneapolis, MN 55419.

Contact: 612-208-1047, website.


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Applebee’s Grill & Bar in Baxter. Applebee’s is a multinational chain of casual dining restaurants, which is represented in every American state and 15 other countries. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that some of its restaurants in the United States have adopted the technologies and techniques for being deaf friendly. Actually, the Applebee’s restaurant in Baxter is a place you can be sure to be among the list of the deaf friendly business in Minnesota. In regards to the menu of Applebee’s, it appears to be quite rich, featuring various types of burgers, chicken, pasta, grilled food, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. There are also value deals and combos that allow you to save a great deal of your money. The restaurant is open from 11:00 A.M. until either 12:00 A.M. or 1:00 A.M.

Address: 15240 Dellwood, Baxter, MN 56401.

Contact: 218-833-1400, website.


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The Village Family Theater (Faribault). This movie theater is popular both among the locals and visitors to the state. What makes this theater especially valuable, however, is its system of Rear Window captioning, which allows the deaf customers to enjoy the spectacles in a comfortable way. The building of the theater was built back in 1896 for the purposes of serving as an armory, yet later it was converted into a theater in the 1920s. The theater went through a dramatic overhaul in the 1940s, yet got closed in the 1970s. Later, the building served as a bar, appliance store, and even a church. Eventually, it got renovated and reopened as a movie theater in 2013. Nowadays, users from all over the state can relish in the top-notch movie one may watch here.

Address: 20 2nd St. NW, Faribault, MN 55021.

Contact: 507-323-8586, website.


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Marriot’s TownePlace Suites (Bloomington). A hotel of the world-famous chain in the town of Bloomington provides not only a rich variety of amenities, but also a high-quality service in regards to the deaf customers – obviously, this is one of the most deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota. This place employs workers who can speak the Sign Language, as well as there are the technologies of videophones. Besides, this hotel is located close to Mall of America, one of the largest malls in the country. The most important amenities available at the hotel include a kitchen, free Wi-Fi across the hotel territory, and free breakfasts. Besides, this hotel appears to be not only deaf friendly, but pet friendly as well!

Address: 2500 Lindau Lane, Bloomington, MN 55245.

Contact: 952-540-4000, website.


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Cuyuna Regional Medical Center (Crosby). This clinic is located in the town of Crosby and provides the prime-quality service to all its customers – Sign Language speakers also work at the hospital! The hospital provides its customers with all necessary diagnostics in all possible fields of medicine, including urology, sports medicine, rheumatology, rehabilitation, radiology, podiatry, gynecology, cardiology, dermatology, pain management, and many others. Besides, you are able to receive all necessary services here and purchase the drugs you need. This way, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center can deservedly be added to the list of the most deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota.

Address: 320 East Main Street, Crosby, MN 56441.

Contact: 218-546-7000, 888-487-6437, website.


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Lake Elmo Inn Restaurant (Lake Elmo). Actually, Lake Elmo Inn is not just a restaurant, but also an event center, a place where you can host any event on any occasion. And yes, this restaurant provides all its visitors with the service of the translation into the Sign Language, if they need it. When it comes to catering at this restaurant or during the events that occur, it’s just amazing – that is all that can be said about the meals there. The restaurant’s menu is divided into 9 sections, such as Wine List, Beer & Cocktail Menu, Bar Menu, Dessert, Young Adult’s Menu, Tuesday Buffet, Sunday Brunch, Dinner Menu, and Lunch Menu. In regards to the working hours of the restaurant and even center, you can find out it here. Thus, this restaurant closes our list of deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota.

Address: 3442 Lake Elmo Avenue North, Lake Elmo, MN 55042.

Contact: 651-777-8495,, website.


If you are an owner of a deaf friendly business in this state or you know more deaf friendly businesses in Minnesota, you may leave a comment with the instutition’s name and address.

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