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Find 7-Eleven near me will help you to find tons of useful info about your favourite store. If you didn’t hear about this store yet, you should know that it is a convenience store chain spread all over the world, having over 60,000 locations in different countries. 7-Eleven is a franchise available in 18 countries, but in the beginning when the store was founded, in 1927, the original name was “Tote’m Store”.

7 Eleven Near Me


As most of the world wide known restaurants or stores, 7-Eleven also started in the United States, but during the time the store had a big growth and there were many stores opened in other countries. There were a lot of problems and difficulties, most of them after the World War II when the store’s name was changed to 7-Eleven. It was made to show the important change in the schedule of the store.

A few years later, 7 11 changed again the schedule, this time having a 24-hours schedule in Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas and in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was part of the project that was meant to satisfy the customer’s needs.

You know a few facts about the 7 11 store, but if you don’t know details about them you’re probably wondering what do they sell and what products and services do they offer. In the United States, 7 11 sells some soft drinks that are partially frozen, named Slurpee drinks, Big Gulp beverages, and other brand operated products, fresh sandwiches, salads, coffee, hot foods, fresh fruits and even gasoline. They also offer financial services and delivery services.

One of the things that made them very popular and appreciated by their customers is the fact that they offer large drink cups, measuring from 32 ounces to 128 ounces, each of them having a different name: from Big Gulp (the 32 ounces cup) to Team Gulp (the 128 ounces cup).

A big growth of the company was in 1992 when they entered the Chinese market. The first 7-Eleven store was open in Shenzhen, and then they open another one in Beijing, in 2004. The Asian expansion continued with 7 11 stores that were opened in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Philippines and other countries.

Since 1978 7-Eleven is available also in Europe, their first store being opened in Sweden, and then in Spain, in 2000. Nowadays, you can find 7 11 stores in Europe in countries like Norway, Denmark or the United Kingdom. 7 11 was also opened in Turkey, but because there were some problems the activity of the brand was stopped on the Turkish market in 2010.

As you probably know, most of the American Brands are also transferred to the Canadian and Mexican market. In 1969 was opened the first 7-Eleven store in Canada, and currently, they operate 484 7-Eleven stores there. In the same time, 7-Eleven was opened for the first time in Mexico in 1971, but this time under a different name: Super 7. Fortunately for the brand recognition, the Super 7 stores were renamed to 7-Eleven in 1995, and now there are over 1,500 7 11 stores in Mexico.

You can also find 7 11 stores in Australia, where most of the stores are located in business areas. There are also a few locations in the suburban areas, but most of these locations operate as gas stations.

Depending on each country, there are different products that are sold in each store. For example, in Australia, they sell most of the products that you can find in other stores around the world, but also daily newspapers, snack foods, drinks or confectionery.

7-Eleven Near Me Locations

With this map, you will be able to find the nearest 7-Eleven in your city. If you are not able to find any 7-Eleven on this map, keep reading and we will provide another options.


If you think that you might like to visit this store, you’re probably wondering how you can find the closest 7 11 store. As we said in the beginning, there are more than 60,000 7-Eleven Locations around the globe, and you definitely want to find the closest location to you.

It looks like the Asian market was very good for the 7 11 brand because they have over 19,000 stores opened in Japan. It is also the country with the largest number of 7-Eleven near me locations, followed by Thailand with over 9,000 and then by the USA with 8,400.

Depending on the country you live, you’ll be able to find the closest 7-Eleven near me location by searching “7-eleven location” on Google. Let’s say that you live in the United Stated and you want to find a 7 11 location in New York City. You’ll have to search on Google for “7 11 location in the USA”, and you should click on the first shown result. You can also access this link that will take you to the exact 7-Eleven Locator Page.

A new web page will be opened, and you’ll see a map in the middle of your computer screen, and a Search window in the right side of the webpage. You will have to enter the location, and as we said, you can look for a 7-Eleven near me Location in New York City, so you’ll have to search for “New York”. You can also enter the whole State, or if you want more accurate results you can use the Zip Code in your search.

7-eleven near me

You will get the results in just a few moments and you’ll see all the 7-Eleven near me Locations in the searched area. You will definitely pick the one the is closer to your current position. There is an important remark that you should keep in mind. Most of the 7 11 location are opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you won’t have to worry about the Opening Hours or about the Closing Hours. This is an important aspect that a lot of customers love about the 7 11 brand.

We told you that you can use a Zip Cod if you want more precisely results, but at the same time, you can also select the radius that ranges between 5 and 3000 miles. A smaller radius will offer you closer results to the City or to the State that you searched.

It is also important to know that you can look for specific things when you search for a 7 11 location. On the same page, under the radius and the Location search bars, you will see a list of features like ATM, Car Wash, Hot Foods, Wine, Fuel and others. If you’re looking for a 7 11 Location that offers Fuel you’ll have to select this feature from the list and the results will show just the 7 11 locations that have this feature. It could help you save some time because you won’t go to a 7 11 Store that doesn’t have the products or the services that you need.

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